Members & Volunteers

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The members of the 'Medieval Rose' association participate in a joyful - productive procedure, for the artistic or other kind of support to the organization of the Medieval Rose Festival or other shorter events of the same kind, contributing actively to the cultural development of the island and to the rendering of our Unique World Cultural and Architectural Monument – The Medieval Town of Rhodes. Any adult can become a member of the 'Medieval Rose Association', after filling in the application form and the questionnaire, which should be submitted to the secretariat of the association. First year's registered members are esteemed and from the second year they become regular members.

All members have the right to:

  1. Participate to the election of the council of the association, conducted every two years, as a candidate or an elector (not for esteemed members).

  2. Participate to the General Assembly conducted on the last Saturday of January, every year (not for esteemed members).

  3. Get discounts on seminars and excursions of the association (in case there is a fee or a ticket)

  4. Own an association discount card, which will be edited in the second half of 2007 (discounts in shops, night clubs etc)

  5. Constant informing for the actions of the association

Honorary members are nominated at the annual General Assembly