The Medieval Rose

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The Medieval Rose is a non-governmental and not-for-profit cultural organisation that was founded in 2005 in order to establish, organise and run the Medieval Festival οf Rhodes during which the history, the traditions and legends of Medieval Rhodes are recreated through happenings, workshops and games. After the 1st Medieval Fair in 2006, the Medieval Festival was realized in May 2007 with the aim to be established on a regular annual basis.

The ultimate goal that inspired the concept of the Medieval Festival is the projection of the island’s history and culture and the benefits that will result from it for the local community. The Medieval Rose has sought and studied the relevant historical resources and obtains the know-how for a faithful recreation of a basically voluntary project that will reproduce a time that left its marks in our cultural heritage.

With the exploitation of the wonderful scenery of the Medieval Town of Rhodes (one of UNESCO’s World Heritage monuments), the events and re-enactments that the Medieval Rose organizes re-animate the Byzantine and Medieval history of the island while all of the organization’s activities draw upon the triptych of: Education – Culture – Cultural tourism.

For the implementation of all that are mentioned above, the Medieval Rose organization occasionally launches:

  • Informative presentations on its activities and other similar events that take place abroad.
  • Seminars on medieval arts and techniques.
  • Educational guided tours in the medieval town and the moat that surrounds it.
  • Medieval Symposiums (Conventions).
  • Trips to other medieval festivals of Europe for the obtainment of know – how and the development of intercultural relations.