The Medieval Rose

The Board: consists of 7 members that serve a two-year term and plays a decisive part in the creation, coordination and carrying out of the project. The members of the board for 2010 - 2012 are as follows:

  • Anna Achiola – President
  • Dimitris Handjiaras – Vice President
  • Dimitris Spanos - General Secretary
  • Andreas Kaklios - Deputy Secretary
  • Souzana Ioakimidou – Cashier
  • Costas Androulakis - Assistant Cashier
  • Pothiti Loi – Consultant

Advisory Committee: in March 2009 an advisory committee was formally established to provide scholarly and scientific support for the medieval festival. It consists of the following 7 representatives of carriers:

  • Anna Achiola (Event planner & organizer, President of the Medieval Rose association) – creative director of the festival
  • Katerina Della (Architect, Chief of the Restoration of Ancient Monuments Department – Early Modern Monuments and Technical Projects Service of the Dodecanese Prefecture ) – Technical Advisor
  • Manolis Makris (Jurist, President of the House of Letters and Fine Arts of Dodecanese) – Advisor on matters regarding folklore art & traditions
  • Pothiti Loi (Tutor, executive on cultural affairs of Primary Education of Dodecanese) – Consultant on school approach and training issues
  • Αnastasios Chatzigiammis (Tourist agent, Secretary of the Tourist Agents Union -) Consultant of touristic promotion
  • Eleni Papavasiliou – General Manager of the Archaeology Departments of Dodecanese (4th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities) – Historic consultant
  • Representative of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Rhodes