Modern Town

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Outside the Medieval town lies the modern town of Rhodes, where most of the remains of ancient times have been discovered. During the Italian occupation there were excavations and extensive restoration work in many areas, leading to the creation of large archeological sites. From the time of the island’s integration into Greece, the Greek Archaeological Service has conducted systematic and intensive excavations on the sites of projecting new buildings. Many of the discoveries from excavations conducted after liberation are displayed in an exemplary fashion in the semibasement room on the north side of the Kastello.

Mandraki - Niochori

The intervention of the Italian administration in the urban tissue has left its most indelible marks on the area that extends northwards from the small harbour (Mandraki) towards Niochori, as far as the west coast and the northernmost end of the island, Panos Akra. Modern Mandraki was known to the ancient Rhodians as the Military or Small Harbour and as the Harbour of the Galleys in the period of the Knights.

The Italian architects had the intention of creating a new Italian town outside the Castle. So, they drew up a grand general design in which they incorporated the main commercial, administrative and recreational centers.

Directly outside the moat, a short distance away from Mandraki, a building has been erected that is completely foreign not only to Rhodes but to the entire Aegean and the Asia Minor coast opposite: it is a concrete polygonal structure of Arab type, with two porticos, which forms the center of the New Market.