Members & Volunteers

A large part of the organization of the Medieval Festival is based on volunteers. Volunteers can apply for participation by filling in the application form and the questionnaire, which should be submitted to the secretariat of the association. All the voluntarily participants to the organization of the Medieval Festival and the medieval events, will be given:

  1. Recollectives of the association

  2. Free entrance to certain events of the Festival

  3. Medieval Costumes will be lent during the festival

  4. Certificate of Participation in the festival

  5. One snack for every day of participation

The application form can be printed and sent by email or FAX to: +30 22410 74405 or even posted to the following address:

The "Medieval Rose" Association
8, Par. Iasonos str, Kandyli
851 01, Ialysos, Rhodes

or e-mail us at [email protected]

Download the Application Form