Local transportation

Bus public transport - RODA

the municipal public bus service company operates 5 city routes every 30 minute (from 06:30 to 21:00 in most of the routes). All routes depart from Mandraki, at the city center. For transportation outside the city there are two bus station terminal. The west side bus station, operated by RODA, is located in Averof str. and serves all villages on the island's west side including a route at Koskinou (west side). The east side bus station , operated by KTEL is located in Rimini square and serves all villages on the island's east side


Taxis are available for transfers to any part of the island. Rodos has more than 400 taxis. Rates are considered to be cheap when compared to other countries. Plenty of Car, Motorcycle and Bicycle rental offices are available.

Access to the Medieval Town of Rhodes

The central port of Rhodes is quite opposite of the Gates to the Medieval Town so it’s possible to walk. From the airport, a taxi will be needed. Taxi station is over against the entrance of the airport.