Chase of the Dragon

A fascinating team play for the quest of the legendary dragon of Rhodes, that lived on St. Stefanos cliff in the dawn of the 14th century.

The story and the rules of the game are based on hearsay evidence about the legend of the dragon of Rhodes, as well as myths about the medieval dragons of the world.

Each team consists of 3 persons, as Knight Theodatos De Gozon is said to had been accompanied by his two servants when he went to face the beast.

The rules of the game will steer the players to the most wonderful places of the Medieval Town and Moat, where they will discover mysterious passages, solve puzzles and riddles, decode the language of the dragons and will live the adventure of the mighty Knight!

On the final stage, the members of the winning team will compete with each other so that the wisest and the bravest of the three will be girded a Knight and will receive the Cape and the Sword of the Knight De Gozon! The two servants of the same team will receive honorary certificates and souvenirs so that they will always remember this adventurous victory...

The magnifical ceremony of the Girding of the Knight will mark the Opening of the Medieval Festival of the isle of Rhodes.

Apply for participation: People from 18-108 years old can take part in the game as well as children from 14 years old, but only if they are accompanied by an adult relative or friend. English speaking people who want to take part at the Chase of the Dragon, should have at least 1 Greek speaking person in their team. If you wish to participate, please email us.